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How To Use The Case Study Method In Your Dissertation

Are you worried because you want to write a great dissertation to impress your professors? Do you think it is hard to follow the instructions by your teacher because she wants you to use the case study method? Are you new to this type of paper and have no idea of how to start? Do you need someone to help you write your paper using the case study method? Do you need to know the style, approach, and requirements for a case study?

The first thing you need to understand is the meaning of a case study. This means that you take a real case under your subject for example, if you are to write a dissertation on marketing, then you need to visit a business or organization on their physical location. You will need to conduct interviews with senior management, ask for permission to access their accounts, determine their allocated budget on marketing, understand and evaluate their target audience and behaviors and carry out first hand research to understand the ins and outs. A case study is different from theory because it involves practical aspects and other fluctuations that we ignore in the theoretical aspect.

This article talks about the steps you need to use in order to compose a winning case study in your dissertation

  1. The first step is to develop your focus of research and define the question you will address in your paper. You can develop this focus by creating questions regarding your provided situation.

  2. The second step in your case study is to design the process. You need to create a roadmap for the real life cases you will select and why you will choose them. You should also be able to explain different research methods you will adopt to collect and analyze your data.

  3. You need to develop a plan for collecting data because you will need huge data for this paper

  4. After you have a plan for the data collection, you can go ahead and collect your data in the field. Use the raw materials first and do not interpret any results unless you are complete with your research.

  5. The last step in your case study is to report your data in an easy way. You need to explain the results in such a way that it is easier for the readers to understand the data and interpretations.

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