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5 Points To Consider When Organizing Your Dissertation Defense Presentation

Dissertation defense presentation is the crown of your hard work that goes on for months or even years. It is the moment when you can proudly say that you have finished what only a few can, and that’s why you want it to be perfect. No matter how much you know about the stuff that you wrote about in you thesis, this is the grand finally when even the best can fail. You have to make a perfect presentation, and some people due to stress of just burning out fail to do so, and years of hard work go down the drain.

That’s why you should consider these tips when organizing your dissertation defense presentation.

Practice your final speech and don’t underestimate the time as your enemy The biggest mistake people do is to underestimate the speech that they should give while presenting the paper. That is the paper that you have work on, and you should easily be able to write a really cool speech, but you should practice nevertheless. You have to check how much time you have and what the key points you have to address are. Practice several times; ask friends and family members to listen to you so they could point out the mistakes.

Listen and learn from colleague’s presentation

You can learn a few things with listening to your colleague’s dissertation, even if it’s not really a subject you are interested in. You can get the idea how long a presentation should take and learn from his mistakes. Also, you can see how it’s like to present in front of a full class of people, and that you should beware of.

Ask yourself the questions

You should know all the weak points of your dissertation. Don’t let yourself be unprepared to some taught questions. Make a list of most demanding questions that somebody can ask you and try to answer then in a calm and well informed manner.

Notes and structure

Before you begin to practice your presentation, make a good structure and write notes. Those you can even bring with yourself if you need, or by practicing they will stop to be relevant. Structure your presentation as if telling a story about the essence of your presentation. Use simple words, don’t complicate, and it is always better to say less that to talk about things you are not comfortable about.

Make a great slide show

If you make powerful and simple slides that tell the whole story even without further explanation, your job is done. It will be easier for you audience to listen, but also for you to orate, because everything you need to say will be in front of you.

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