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A List Of Free Sources With Dissertation Samples

Did you know that the best resources to find dissertation samples can be found on your school’s library website?  Most schools have databases online that have thousands of dissertation samples that you can use.  They have list of databases that you can search from for free.  If you school doesn’t have this don’t worry because there are other places out there that you can use to find free dissertation samples.  All of the sources I’m going to give you are open access, so you don’t have to have a log in or anything to get information from them.

Free Sources

  • NDLTD:  The NDLTD or Networked Digital Library Of Theses and Dissertations are one of the largest free sources that you can use to find dissertation samples.  The good thing about this site is that you can search specific topics and they have huge list that you can choose from.  They have everything that you would need in one place.
  • EThOS:  The Electronic Theses Online Service or EThOS is part of the British Library’s electronic theses service.  You have access to thousands of theses and dissertations and can even download them if you register for an account.
  • ADT:  Australian Digital Theses Program or ADT is another open access database that you can use for free.
  • Theses Canada Portal:  Theses Canada Portal gives you access to the library and archives of Canadian Universities.
  • College And University Websites:  Most schools take pride in their past students work and want to showcase it for everyone to see, that is why most colleges and universities post past student’s dissertations on their website.  You can start in your area or search whatever school you want but most do have samples on their websites that you can use.

These are just some of the resources that you can use to find free samples of dissertations.  The best one is the Networked Digital Library Of Theses and Dissertations; they have a list of free databases that provide dissertation samples.  They put everything you need in one place, which makes you searching easier.  This database is more for American and Canadian students but have some Spanish databases on there as well as ones from South Africa, Scandinavia, Netherlands, and Portugal.  Start with your school’s library first and if that doesn’t help you then you can use these resources to find dissertation samples.

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