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What to Write an Ethnographic Dissertation On

Your professor has asked you to write an Ethnographic Dissertation. You’re thinking, “What is that?” “What do I write that about?” “HOW do I write that?”

Let us begin by explaining what an ethnographic dissertation is. Ethnography is when you, the researcher, looks at society through the eyes of the subject of the study. That being said, when you are considering options for your subject, you need to also consider how the subject might view society because you will need to write all about that in your paper.

Here are some examples of good topics for an ethnographic dissertation

  • Hasidism in America: How things have changed for America’s Hasidic Jews
  • Black or White: How Quality of Life is Affected by Race
  • Indigenous: Keeping cultures alive in a Modern world
  • Moving out: The Effects of Relocating to the US from Other Countries
  • School Age: How Students View Their Own Education
  • Save Us: Discussing Disease in Third World Countries
  • Hinduism After 9/11
  • How Catholicism Changes Views on Society
  • Making It: Race and Religion in the Quest for Success

You can come up with many original ideas for this type of assignment just by thinking about society through the eyes of different religious groups, races, ages, and even body types. Conducting research for these topics may even lead you to discussing these issues with different people. This type of research can often lead to a better understanding of societal issues and the different ways that people view them.

When trying to come up with a good subject for your dissertation, it is recommended that you write down a few ideas (Brainstorming) and start researching them. Once you have gotten a bit of research on your chosen topics, you will have a better idea of the difficulty and sensitivity of the subject matter you have chosen. Some people may feel comfortable writing a dissertation on a very sensitive subject, others may not. Often, ethnographic dissertations will written on sensitive subject matter, leaving little room for mistakes. You must be careful to not offend anyone when writing this style of paper.

Try asking some friends or family what societal issues they are concerned with. Ask them to think deeper than just “politics”. You might want to look deeper at how today’s government affects new mothers, or how ObamaCare helps elderly patients. Remember, you should research your topic as if you are the subject; you are the elderly woman on ObamaCare, You are the young mother affected by a lack of maternity leave rights. Writing an ethnographic dissertation does not have to be difficult if you know what types of subject matter you should be using.

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    The best way to make a strong thesis is to create precis. The precis is a paragraph summary of your paper. It will help you to restrain ideas and make your writing more organized.

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