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Buying a PhD Dissertation

April 21, 2014Posted byDan Lanston


If you are about to tackle the very serious and complicated task of producing a PhD thesis, then any help you can get along the way, provided it is the right help, is something to be savoured. The project is one which takes an enormous amount of time and effort and if there are professional writers available online who can give advice and even practical assistance with your writing, then they could well be worthwhile considering. What are the sorts of things you should be looking for in seeking online assistance?

  • the experience of the writer
  • a 100% money back guarantee
  • completing the task online, on time, every time
  • full confidentiality
  • research and writing

You will know from the very beginning that unless the person you have chosen to assist you with your PhD dissertation is an experienced professional with appropriate qualifications and experience, then you are wasting your time. This is a monumental task and for that you need the appropriate assistance. Someone who has been there and done that. In other words, you need a seasoned professional.

Get What You Pay For

February 10, 2013Posted by Marisa Ashton


There could be a considerable amount of money involved depending on the amount of work you ask the professional to do, a lot of time will be expended in both research and writing. Time is money. So you want a definite 100% money back guarantee unless the work produced perfectly fits with your request.

Deadlines are essential. No excuses are acceptable. Of course the more time you give your professional writer to complete the task, the easier it will be for them and therefore the better the quality of the work and the greater the chances of it being on time. But no true professional would undertake a major task unless they had enough time to do it justice.

Professional Assistance

February 08, 2014Posted by Jane Kartner


Confidentiality is vital. If you are accepting and paying for professional assistance with your PhD, there needs to be a written guarantee that any correspondence between you and a professional writer will remain confidential.

As far as writing and research go, you can’t have one without the other. The best professionals are excellent and experienced in both research and writing. In seeking professional assistance, draw up a list of questions to ask prospective writers. Keep a record of their answers and make your choice accordingly. It’s a major task and one which requires a lot of thought.

  • Expert writing tips

    The best way to make a strong thesis is to create precis. The precis is a paragraph summary of your paper. It will help you to restrain ideas and make your writing more organized.

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