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Where To Get A PhD Dissertation Acknowledgement Sample

Your dissertation contains a lot of important pieces. However, one of the most important pieces is the acknowledgement page. This is where you give a shout out to all of those people who helped you with your paper. There is a specific etiquette that you will want to follow when you are writing this section so you should find yourself a few samples to know who you should add that you may not have thought about. Do you add the individuals that make up your board or is that brown nosing and frowned upon?

These samples will answer those types of questions. There is no real guideline that says who you have to thank and who to leave out but the more information that you have the better decision you can make about who to include. So now you just need to find a sample so that you can get this step out of the way.


Many resource libraries include a database that is a compilation of the dissertations that have been published in the past. It is a useful tool mostly because you have access to a wide selection of dissertations that made it through the grueling process and even got published as a result. You can usually sort them by topic as well. This is an added advantage if you can because you may be able to find one on your overall topic and grab a few sources from that as well as the information on the acknowledgement page.

Instructional guide

There is a wealth of information on the internet and you can find a lot of useful information on an instructional website. It will show you how to complete this step in the process. You can find a sample on most of these sites because it is a lot easier to understand how to set it up by seeing a sample. You can also read through the acknowledgements to get some ideas on who you may have forgot.

Online documents

You may even find a few links directly to some online documents. You can find a paper through this method that you can use as a sample. It may even include notes that can help you decide who to include and who to leave out.

There are so many sources to find this information. Use them so that you don’t leave out someone really important.

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