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Difficult finance dissertation topics can help you improve your skills

What is considered difficult varies from person to person. Something you love that comes naturally to your mind might be very hard for someone else who doesn’t know as much about it or like it like you do. A difficult topic can stretch your skills and make you think outside of what you usually gravitate towards. On the other hand, writing about something you know or care little for can break your motivation for getting a dissertation. A boring topic or one that you don’t care about just makes a very hard process even harder.

As it is, writing a dissertation is already something most people find very difficult. If you’re really keen on impressing your advisor with a certain topic that they love but you don’t, then you’re going to need more than just motivation. There’s hard work involved with any topic, but taking the purposely harder road can just lead to way more stress with little reward. As long as you finish your dissertation and get a good review on it, what does it matter the topic? Something you’re already interested in is much easier to write about than a topic that doesn’t interest you.

Finding Good Finance Topics for Dissertations

Here are a few ideas that can get you going for your finance dissertation. If none of these sounds like something you wan to write about, don’t worry. You can modify any of the ideas below as much as you want, or choose something entirely different.

  • Are partnerships between public and private sectors that important?
  • How does financial innovation work in Europe and Asia?
  • What are some of the constraints on the microfinance market in the UK?
  • What does the future hold for private equity investment in Europe?
  • What does the development of international microfinance look like?
  • How are off-balance sheets treated in the UK?
  • How do stock prices change in emerging markets?
  • Analyze the popularity growing for mutual and index funds
  • How can credit flow boost agricultural productivity?
  • A study on the role of financial services for rural populations
  • Look at the role of internet banking on culture and society
  • Changes and evolution of commercial banking
  • How do cross-border issues affect European financial supervision?
  • Explore direct investment in Asian economies
  • Analyze the retirement plans of local banks

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