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A List Of Unexplored Dissertation Topics On Foreign Direct Investment

There are so many factors which your dissertation topic needs to embrace, that you may feel under much pressure. You should pick a manageable topic that you like and your adviser finds suitable; one that is unique and can make an important contribution to your field of study. You will probably spend a lot of time on your research project, since your academic career depends upon it. Therefore, it is quite important to find a couple of good topics online which will help you to develop an idea for your own project. This article provides you with a list of great foreign direct investment dissertation topics, so you can easily choose something to your liking.

  1. The impact of foreign direct investment on the economic development of Zimbabwe.
  2. The United States and foreign direct investment: main risks and benefits.
  3. Why is foreign direct investment important for economic growth?
  4. The investigation of the patterns of FDI in developing countries.
  5. How does FDI influence the employment rate?
  6. FDI as a part of globalization process.
  7. FDI and corruption: India’s experience.
  8. Does the world require the multilateral investment agreement?
  9. How did the liberalization of policy facilitate FDI growth in the past?
  10. What are the main investment barriers in developing countries?
  11. Why do enterprises invest in another country’s economy?
  12. Why is FDI considered to be an effective tool for economic development?
  13. What are the drawbacks of FDI?
  14. How does FDI influence the export performance of the home country?
  15. The determinants of FDI in Columbia.
  16. Are there any sectors where FDI is prohibited?
  17. What kind of benefit does the home country get from the exchange of the investment flows?
  18. Can small and medium businesses derive some advantage from FDI?
  19. The participation of multinational corporations and conglomerates in FDI.
  20. The impact of the Internet technologies on FDI.
  21. What is the role of FDI in the nearest future?
  22. What major changes has FDI experienced in the past 10 years?
  23. How does the increase of technology start-ups change FDI patterns?
  24. The interconnection of FDI and country risks.
  25. How does China become the biggest recipient of FDI?

Be aware that you should use the above topics only as samples that can inspire you for some suitable and interesting ideas. The aim of this list is to show you some possible directions for your research. You need to ask your adviser what topics will be appropriate for your dissertation project.

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