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Writing A Literature Review For A Master's Dissertation: A Useful Manual

The right idea for writing a literature review for a Master’s level dissertation:

The term papers or the dissertations do have some standard requirements which are consistent throughout the world and adapted accordingly from all the universities of the world. There are a number of sections which are equally important towards attaining an acceptable level of marks by the university. The start for a term paper for many is the introduction, but factually speaking, it is the literature review, which makes an excellent opinion about your work in the eyes of the supervisor or anyone who is interested in reading your paper. The literature review actually summarizes and analyzes all the previous work that has been done on the topic under discussion. A critical evaluation is done on each work done by the major people or innovators in the particular field in the past. The definition of literature review clearly shows that how important it can be for the research of your paper. When, the task entrusted is for the Master’s level dissertation, then the expectations of the teachers are quite high from the teachers. They will go into the finer details while checking your paper and you may be penalized for some very small mistakes that you make in the paper. Therefore, try your best in the first place to avoid making any silly mistakes which are more so because of your ignorance in the work. There are a few things which can help you in coming up with an incredibly good literature review.

A useful manual to help you with the literature review section of your Master’s level dissertation:

  • You must look to compare and contrast a range of views on different issues by different authors.
  • You must group together all the authors which, according to you have the same conclusions.
  • Be very critical with different aspects of methodologies used.
  • Make sure to highlight all the exemplary level of studies.
  • Also make sure that you highlight all the different gaps which are present in the research.
  • You need to show very clearly that how your study is related with the previous studies in the field. Also make a general comparison of your studies with the literature.
  • You must conclude the literature review by summarizing on what the literature has to say about the topic.

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