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15 PhD Dissertation Topics That Will Come In Handy


The PhD dissertation is a project that gives you far more freedom in your topic selection than any other project you have ever done. Unfortunately, that freedom of selection can easily become unmanageable when approached incorrectly. How are you ever going to select one compelling topic that you can confidently write about out of the infinite selections? It is an intimidating process. However there are ways to narrow it down; dissertation writing help services can provide you with the guides to assist you in that task.

Starting off

Because the range of dissertation topics is specific to each field, this guide cannot create or contain a list of topics that will help everyone. Instead, what comes below are 15 topical suggestions and ideas that will assist you in your project, whatever it may be.

  • 1. What particular aspect of your field do you love most? Try writing on what you know really well  
  • 2. Try writing on what you love but could learn more about. Is there anything you really wish to find out about in that area?
  • 3. Try looking at past project you have completed. Could any of them be expanded?
  • 4. Find out what kind of research a scholar you admire is doing and see if that sparks any ideas.
  • 5. See if there is anything that has been done that could or should be done better. Try looking at research that has only begun as a conversation and see if you can contribute.

Narrowing it down

Once you have gotten a general idea of your topic, ponder over some of the ideas below. They should help you pair down the still vast amount of possibilities.

  • 6. Look into some of the most recent developments in the field. Can you glean ideas from that?
  • 7. Research aspects of the field that have been neglected but you think are valuable.
  • 8. Are there sets of ideas that have been long forgotten but could be reapplied to today?
  • 9. Find some research that you find really well done. Does it suggest the need for further research?
  • 10. How have modern ideas changed or skewed the way you look at your field?
  • 11. How do past ideas continue to change the way you look at your field?
  • 12. Have modern or historic politics unduly shaped the field?
  • 13. What is changing in your field? What could be done that cannot any more or can now be done that could not before?
  • 14. Is there another field that intersects yours? What is happening at the juncture?
  • 15. Is there an idea or theory in your field that you strong disagree with? Do some research to counter it.

Let your topic change and grow as it needs to. Your topic will most likely be bigger than you alone; don’t force it to be exactly what you thought it would be at the beginning. Also don’t be afraid to talk to your adviser and get his or her opinion. Professors have had much more experience in this field than you and will most of the time be thinking of topics based on what they have seen you do well with. It is not necessarily final, but it is worth checking out.

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