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How to Write Dissertation Paragraphs Correctly

Constructing a paragraph is simple but there a few mistakes that people seem to make when they are writing them.  The first thing is that they make them too long, if your paragraph is over a half a page long, you should split it up into two.  Also, your paragraph should have a beginning, middle, and end. 

This means whatever you write in that paragraph has to give information from start to finish in that order; I will go in to detail about that later.  There should only be four or five sentences but can be a few more if needed, just don’t go overboard.  Now, I will tell you exactly what your paragraph should be made up of in the next part.  Writing a dissertation paragraph is no different than writing a basic one.   


Parts of a Basic Paragraph

  • Topic Sentence: The topic sentence tells the reader the main idea of the paragraph.  This opens the door to the information they are about to be told.  This sentence shouldn’t be too broad or narrow.  That means you should make sure that the sentence gives just enough information for the paragraph.  Keep is specific. 
  • Support: Next, you want to show support for the topic sentence in the next sentence or two.  This is the information you have on the subject.  You want it to be relevant to the subject and not give them worthless information. 
  • Back up Information: After you gave them the support for your topic you want to make sure you give them information to back up your subject.  This can be why you are writing it or why it is important to know that fact, etc.
  • Conclusion Sentence: This sentence will reemphasize your sentence without restating it.  This sentence should leave the reader with thoughts about what they have just read. 
  • Transition Sentence: The last sentence should be a transition to the next paragraph and introduce the next topic you are going to cover.  This sentence shouldn’t give too much away but tell the reader what they will be reading about next. 

The basic paragraph format is used in all kinds of papers, even dissertations.  This structure will ensure that you will have a readable and correctly formatted paragraph.  If you follow this format your paragraphs will have meaning and give the reader better understanding of the subject they are about to read about.   

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