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Interesting Guidelines: Creative Writing of a Ph.D. Paper

I know that you might not know this but you can be a creative with writing your Ph.D. paper.  I mean you can’t go too overboard with creativity because it is an academic paper but you can put your own spin on it and still keep it looking professional.  Follow these interesting guidelines that you can use to make your Ph.D. paper stand out and get read first by your professor.

How to Write a Creative Ph.D. Paper

  • If you are using figures makes sure that they look great even if they are black and white.  Graphics should never be .jpegs because they look bad once printed out.  You can check this by printing them out separately and seeing how they look.  If you have graphics or figures, use a full page for them so you don’t have lingering text on the pages. 

  • Use wide margins and double space the entire document, so that the paper is easier to read.  You can also make sure that you don’t have long paragraphs; do shorter ones.

  • Make a great introduction, tell them why this research is important, tell them general information to set up the paper, and then go into specifics.  Don’t give away all of your information in the introduction. 

  • Don’t cite everything that you read while doing research for the paper.  Only cite the ones that you have used specifically in your paper. 

  • When you are doing your research make sure that all the information that you use pertains to your topic.  Going off topic because you did too much research will hurt your paper.

  • Know when to stop writing. If you keep going on and writing more and more, you research will start to go in circles or even not make sense.  You have to resist the urge to keep writing when your paper starts to do this.  You need to walk away from it for a while and then go back and fix it. 

When you are going to write a Ph.D. paper, you want it to be the best and creative enough that your professor will enjoy reading it.  If you use some of these suggestions given to you for your paper, you will be able to keep your Ph.D. paper looking professional. All while giving it a little extra that will grab the attention of your professor.

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