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Great Music Thesis Writing Tutorial For Students Who Lack Fresh Ideas

Music Thesis Tutorials

Music is fun to write about whether you are writing a guidebook for someone wanting to learn to play anything from the ukulele to the tuba to the slide trombone. Also, you can write tutorials on all kinds of subjects from how to be a marching band conductor, to how to teach marching band, to how to synchronize marching band formations.

You can also write tutorials on orchestral instruments—from how to play the violin, to the viola, to the cello, to the bass, the guitar, the banjo, the ukulele, the mandolin, the harp. You could also tackle the percussive instruments which are even easier to describe in tutorials because they do not involve specific notes or a particular commissure—they merely require a rhythm which you can explain through bars of music. You can also attack the wind instruments from flute, to piccolo, to clarinet, to saxophone.

Music Theory

Also, the theory of music lends itself to all kinds of fascinating subjects. Music and music appreciation both educate the students into how to listen to and analyze music like an educated professional would, with the kind of historical and critical knowledge of music that they use and the kind of language they use when analyzing music.

Great Music Thesis Topics for Students Who Lack Fresh Ideas

  1. The history of diatonic sound—the origins of the music we listen to today
  2. Modern Gangsta Rap: Where It is Going and Where it has Been
  3. Going Pop in a Country World: The Enigma of Taylor Swift
  4. Coldplay’s Lyrical Formula’s and Lyrical Ballads
  5. Understanding Postmodern Rock Music Today
  6. Understanding the Sounds in 21st Century Music
  7. Music and the Millennium: What We Hear in Turn of the Century Music
  8. Michael Jackson: The Icon of Pop
  9. Elton John and Bernie Taupin: Lyricists of the Century
  10. The Lyrics and Poetry of Leonard Cohen
  11. The Lyrics and Poetry of Elvis Costello
  12. David Bowie: A Musical Legend
  13. The Beatles in the Fifties
  14. The Beatles and the Sixties: Drug Culture in America
  15. Drugs and Music: Are We Still Living Hard and Dying Young
  16. The Legacy of Elvis Presley
  17. Bennie and the Jets: Elton John’s Song of the Century Explained
  18. What is Goodbye Yellow Brick Road about Really?

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