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How To Get A Dissertation Research Plan Template Without Trouble

Many students are venturing on the journey to get their Ph.D. fear the dissertation, the reason being that it is often different and more independent than most projects they might previously have taken up.

A dissertation is the most important aspect of your PhD, as it requires you to choose a topic of interest and conduct appropriate research, which contributes significantly to the decision of whether or not you will succeed in your quest. Therefore, in order to hit bull’s eye, you need to plan out each phase of your paper perfectly, right from the research to the way you present your proposal, the latter of which is often which students find themselves stuck on. It is thus easy to use a template, but how do you know whether it is the right one?

Before you get into reading how to get a dissertation research plan template without trouble, it is best to acquaint yourself with the format:

  1. Title Page
  2. Abstract
  3. Index/Table of contents
  4. Acknowledgement
  5. Introduction: Contains the background study, research problem, objectives, purpose of the study, review of the literature and the expected outcomes
  6. Methodologies: Detail the research design, data collected, subjects, and results
  7. Analysis of results: Working out how the results support or reject your hypothesis
  8. Conclusion: A brief statement summarizing all findings and stating whether or not the hypothesis was proved. The conclusion can also contain recommendations as to how to resolve any issues regarding the results or the research design
  9. References
  10. Appendix: Attach all data, survey sheets, and other findings that might be critical to your study in the appendix

Where to get a research plan template without trouble:

  • University/College websites: These will be your most reliable sources when it comes to looking for a research plan template without trouble. University/College websites often have pre-drafted templates for dissertation research plans which can be downloaded and modified for data. Additionally, they might also have examples of papers from previously enrolled students.
  • Mobile and Computer Apps: No matter what operating system you have, each has an education section in its list of available mobile applications. These may have a wide variety of templates that will help your draft your research paper easily.
  • Online Archives: Websites that hand out notes and other referencing tools may have testimonials and previous works in an archive section. Signing up for these is free in most instances, after which you can have access to their vast database. If you can afford it, you can also opt for a membership plan for a small fee, which will give you the opportunity to use advanced tools as well.

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