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Top 10 European Union Law Dissertation Topics

European Union law explores different aspects of rules and regulations in place throughout the region. They include a variety of legal regulations in relation to social, financial, judicial and international laws to name a few. Choosing a topic will include understanding your options and finding something interesting. Many of these areas will have a good amount of information for you to use during the writing process. The following 10 topic ideas have good potential to be developed into a well-written European Union law dissertation project.

  1. Should voters be a certain age before being eligible to vote? How does voting laws here compare to other parts of the world? What controversies have developed in recent years when elections were held? What changes or improvements should be made according to voters?

  2. Why is the act of rape being treated differently in certain parts of the country? What evidence is there that shows related violent acts are not being handled in an efficient manner? How many cases have been reported and what are possible estimated numbers that may not be reported?

  3. How did the Spanish Civil War get started? What areas of Europe played an active role in getting the war started? How did it end? How much did it cost?

  4. What happened during the French Identity Crisis? What were significant controversies that developed as a result of the crisis? Who was mostly affected and how did it affect the economy?

  5. How have elements of human equality changed in recent years versus 30 years ago? Do people feel they are being treated more or less equally? Which gender feels they experience more challenges?

  6. Analyzing the European Court of Justice. What were some of the most critical cases brought before this court that changed the way certain laws were viewed?

  7. How does international criminal law affect how laws are established within the European Union? What are types of crimes this law is most effected by in relation to the European Union?

  8. Comparing disability laws in Europe and the United States. Which area provides better regulations for those living with disabilities?

  9. What rights do Muslim women have while dealing with abuse? Should more be done to help these women obtain better livelihood? What type of punishment is given to abusers?

  10. What rights and protection do minority shareholders have? What are controversies that have questioned minority shareholders and their conduct?

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