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How To Draft A PhD Dissertation: Creative Writing Tips

PhD students must write a dissertation creatively to make it unique and avoid plagiarism. Before you start with the dissertation, the first step is to create a good dissertation proposal. It is a small part of the dissertation but is very important for the research. It will highlight the prime aspects which you will cover in your research and describe what will be included in your dissertation chapters.

When you are drafting a PhD dissertation you must be very careful and the success of your dissertation will depend on it, on your approach and methodology you use. Therefore, you have to be organized and prepared before in hand for submitting the draft. The following are some creative writing tips which will make sure that your Phd dissertation draft gets accepted easily.

  1. Follow your university guidelines - When you are drafting a dissertation you have to follow a specific writing style which is followed by your university. You have to refer to the proposal guidelines to know about the formatting style. If you do not know the set guidelines then ask your advisor to provide you with guidelines.

  2. Narrow down on your subject - You have to choose a broad topic which relates to your field of study and then narrow it down further so that you can be specific about your research. But you must not streamline down it so much that you will not be able to find enough information to completely draft your dissertation. You can choose to expand on the previous research you have done in your Masters as you will already be familiar with the subject.

  3. Draft a research plan - You must draft a map for your research when you drafting the dissertation. You have to begin with narrowing the scope of your research as it will help you produce a clear cut outline for your topic.

  4. Organize - Your dissertation draft must consist of your research title, introduction to the topic, problem statement, literature review and methodology used in the research and the conclusion of the research.

  5. Specifics - Before you draft your dissertation, you must have a thorough and clear understanding of the topic. Discuss the topic with your guide, friends etc and ask if they understand it clearly. You have to be clear and brief about the topic so that it gets accepted.

When you are done with the draft, go through it several times to check for any errors and make the necessary corrections before you submit it.

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