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12 Unexplored Dissertation Topics In Microbiology

One of the hardest things that you will need to deal with when it comes to writing your dissertation is to come up with a topic to write your paper on. This is one of the hardest tasks because you have to write it on a very specific topic. The topic also has to be unique. You can improve on a study that has already been conducted but you need to make sure that it creates a new study that adds to the overall knowledge for the field. It is not always easy. This list of unexplored dissertation topics in microbiology will give you a good place to start. You can adjust the ideas a little bit to ensure that you have a unique topic. For example, you can search a certain area of the world and write your study regarding that area alone.

  1. Multi-cellularity: social behavior and cell-cell interaction in bacterial populations
  2. Meta-genomic: single-cell approaches aimed at the advancement of the microbial physiology
  3. Host-pathogen interactions- role of the cellular redox and metals
  4. Microbial signaling: roles of redox active metabolites
  5. Bifidobacteria: role in the human gut microbiota
  6. Future virus research: methodologies and technologies
  7. Phytoplanton and bacteria: metabolic interactions
  8. Aquatic invertebrates viruses: impacts on biogeochemistry
  9. Heath: analysis of gut microbiota, equol, and isoflavones
  10. Wine Industry: non-conventional yeast use
  11. Human microbial ecosystems: microbe to microbe interactions
  12. Food preservation and safety: emerging technologies and methods

Now that you have your topic chosen, you will want to start working on your proposal. You will have to get your topic approved by the board in order to begin writing your paper on it. This is one of the next steps. Be sure that when you are presenting your topic that you have found a lot of solid evidence that you can use to support it. This will be really important in the fact that they will need to know that you can successfully write a paper in regards to this topic.

You need to make sure that you plan your paper out first by creating an outline. It will not only help you organize your ideas but it will allow you to focus your research so that you are not getting a lot of information that you can’t use for your paper. Also, get an example dissertation to help you get ideas and set your paper up.

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