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Four Pieces Of Advice On Dissertation Proposal Research Methodology

Depending on the institution where you study, the dissertation proposal is a really important part of your studies. In most schools, you have to write a convincing proposal and make sure it passes before your teachers and the institution in general can confer upon you the mandate to write the paper that you are looking to get through. If you can handle the proposal well, your work will be as good as done because you will have very little work to do on the final research paper.

One of the important chapters that will make or break your work on this task is the research methodology chapter. There is a lot that goes on here which will set you on the right path, and this is why teachers put a lot of emphasis on it. It is the one chapter that will define your work, the one chapter that will determine whether your work is legitimate or not.

The following are some useful ideas that will help you come up with a really good paper based on this important chapter:

  • Choose your methods carefully
  • Make sure you have the right tools
  • Always run a test before proceeding
  • Ensure your method can sustain your title

Choose your methods carefully

Before you start working on this chapter, you have to make sure that you consider a number of possible alternatives that you could use, and how they will affect the nature of the work you are supposed to do. This consideration will help you a great deal, especially when you are presenting your paper, and you are asked to explain why you chose a particular method over the others available.

Make sure you have the right tools

There are so many ways for you to fail this task. One of them is to have the inappropriate tools for the right job. Consider the design of things like the questionnaire, and make sure that it can help you achieve good results.

Always run a test before proceeding

Before using any of your tools make sure you run a pilot study. This allows you to test its flaws and effectiveness and determine the margin of error if any.

Ensure your method can sustain your title

Always make sure that everything you do on this paper is linked to your title. It has to be sustainable and make your work credible.

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