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Exclusive Tips on how to Write a Strong Dissertation Proposal

You need to remember that without a strong dissertation proposal there is no dissertation. The whole purpose of you writing this proposal is to ensure that you get to write a dissertation and of course to write it well. But there are two major steps you need to take to ensure success.

  • You need to convince your professor or a committee of academics that the topic of your dissertation has depth.
  • You need to convince your professor or a committee of academics that you have the ability to write this particular dissertation.

Now unless you can be successful in both of the above points, your dissertation writing days will be over before they begin. So let us examine both of these above points and work out some strategies or tips on how we can guarantee success.

It all gets back to the topic of your dissertation. Does it have legs? Does it have depth? Is there enough meat on the bones? Unless you can answer ‘yes’ to these questions you may very well fall over at the first hurdle. So how do you guarantee success in this matter? You carry out sufficient relevant research. And you take the proposed topic and study it in detail. Is there enough research material to write an in-depth dissertation on this topic? Has this topic being written about before? If so, do you have a unique approach to this topic? All of these things are oh so important. There is no way your proposal will convince those you need to convince unless they believe it is a substantial topic.

But then of course assuming that you do have a substantial topic, are you a good and fit person to write the dissertation? You need to convince those in power that you have already researched the topic and discovered salient points which can be expanded in your writing. You need to convince those in power that you are on top of this topic. And the presentation of your dissertation proposal is just as important as its content. If necessary, go over your dissertation proposal many times. Seek feedback from fellow students, friends or family and listen to what they have to say. Improve your dissertation proposal wherever you can.

The real benefit of a successful dissertation proposal is that you will have done a lot of the groundwork of the actual writing once your proposal is approved.

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