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Study tutorial for students on how to write a complex academic thesis

Sometimes there is no shortcut one can take to avoid hard work.

College writing sometimes requires persuasion, to convince others that you have a reasonable and logical point of view on what you are studying to get a degree in. Persuasion is a major skill that requires constant practice; whether asking friends to do things for you, a romantic interest to go on a date with you, or convincing a teacher to give you a good grade for the work you've done.

College assignments require that you need to make a persuasive case in your reports. Your job, your requirement, is to convince another person that your point of view is the correct one. To make a complex thesis, you need to start with the basics. Create an outline, then write an introduction paragraph and make the thesis your first sentence. Afterward you can concentrate on the rest of your paper.

Enclosed are some tips on how to create a more complex thesis when you've got the basics down: v

Tell the tells the reader how you will interpret the significance of the subject matter under discusses a road map for the paper; in other words, it tells the reader what to expect from the rest of the paper. You can tell if the paper has a good thesis by looking at the following qualifications:

  1. If it directly answers the question asked. A thesis should be asking a question of a subject. The thesis must then offer an answer or an understanding of the question.
  2. If the thesis makes a claim that is relatively controversial.
  3. If the thesis is a single sentence in your first paragraph, presenting your argument to your audience. The rest of the paper, will organize and display your evidence that your answer to the thesis is verified.
  4. Check the spelling and grammar of your essay before turning it in. Nothing will downplay any argument or point you're making faster than distracting someone with misspelled words and phrases. A person who is aligned against your position from the start will use these mistakes to completely derail your essay.

Furthermore, if you take a position on develop a claim about a subject, stand by that position. Don't try to hedge your bets by allowing for the opposite of your claim (unless there is existing evidence of that opposite that you're taking a stand against, which is why you should discuss this as part of your essay's thesis in the introductory paragraphs.)

If you have any doubt about how to write, ask your professor for guidance on convincing and developing a complex thesis. They will give you further tips on how to refine your essay for the class.

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